Photon Lizze Treatments Accelerator Capillary - Bivolt - 3 Day Delivery For Sale

Photon Lizze Treatments Accelerator Capillary - Bivolt - 3 Day Delivery

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Photon Lizze Treatments Accelerator Capillary - Bivolt - 3 Day Delivery:

Photon Lizze Treatments Accelerator Capillary - Bivolt - 3 Day Delivery USA
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PhotonLizze Treatments Accelerator Capillaries - BivoltAPPLICATIONS:
• Progressive, permanent and temporary Brushes• Hydration, Balaiagens,• Sealing cuticle• Tincture• Relaxation• Hair TherapyADVANTAGES:
• Do not need to do strand by strand, because the light acts across the head• Higher power than the competition (5w)• Tip does not heat such as crayon, as it has cooling system• Power is stable throughout the procedureLASER ADVANTAGES:
• Allows you to have straight hair without putting your health at risk• Application Time Reduction• Softening of the hair fiber• Colour durability (does not fade)• Provides brightness, fixing• Alisa, Relax, Models• Restructure the hair fiber for new chemical processes• Does not change the internal structure of wires• Exposure temperature reduction of the plaque wires• Opens the capillary and fixed fiber product in the hair shaftNO SMOOTHING AND WIRES creping CAPILARES:
• The durability of the effect is higher• The hair straightened by texturing or progressive brush, can be washed on the same day• The hair fiber is recovered as soon as the use of photons helps return the hair keratin restructuring it.
• Coloring Dwell time decreases 15 to 20 minutes• Provides brightness, higher fixation and durability of color to gray hair;• The color does not fade, the process is faster least exposing the hair to chemical products and clearing the wires more quickly.IN MOISTURE:
• The products act more intensively, working on the second layer of hair at a faster time.PRODUCTS WHICH MAY BE USED:
• Thioglycolate ammonia - Smoothing• Keratin complex• Hydrolyzed protein• Hydrogen peroxide• Capcicum - Capillary therapy• Pilocarpine• Minoxidil
Skip the chemical in the hair and use the Photon Lizze for 5 to 10 minutes, then make the brush and board and end use it to give the finish for a maximum of 5 minutes.Capillary Modeling Photonics is a system that allows you to model hair 100% bleached, mechados hair, colored hair and virgin hair or even with a lower concentration of ammonium thioglycolate, highly efficiently and without causing damage to the hair. With this, the internal structure of the hair is maintained, resulting in the ripple provided by the new shape of cysteine ​​amino acid that is responsible for hair fashion. As the ripple is usually performed at the tips, the finishing touches will be made as the hair is being cut.The photoactivated Hydration is used the Keratin RC-1 Control or Keratin RC-2 Control, which has a specific formulation, allowing the particles of keratin and water under the action of the photon, penetrate intensively in hair cuticles, allowing greater retention of these two basic substances to the hair extent necessary for hydration of the internal structure of the yarn. This retention occurs as needed for each type of hair. In this new method of treatment, exclusively for hydration of the hair - with or without chemical - keratin and water are activated and aligned by photons (light waves), increasing hydration without causing stress to the hair fiber, why not use of excessive heat source.The results of the Photonic hydration are wired increased strength, balance the absorption of keratin and water, suppleness, shine, softness, ease hairstyle and wire elasticity.Already Photonics Reconstruction, allows light waves generated by Photon Lizze in contact with the hair, align the keratin molecules and water increasing its penetration into the structure of the hair thread, returning to the strands of hair its natural properties, restructuring the damaged rod . Because it is a deeper treatment and returned to damaged hair, Photonics Reconstruction, has in Nanokeratinization a great ally to be able to return more keratin than water to the hair. In this process, the keratin in the form nanomolecules (micro fragments at UOM Nanokeratinization system) together with water and keratin molecules present in the keratin RC-1 Control or Keratin RC-2 Control, under the action of hair, penetrate more ease of capillary wire, allowing greater absorption of these two fundamental components to the hair performing the necessary extent at the same time, a reconstruction and capillary moisturizing.
The result of Photonics reconstruction, is reflected in a restored hair with wires with increased strength, balanced structure with keratin and water, suppleness, brightness and ease hairstyle, protecting them from harsh climatic conditions (sun, pollution) or chemical (smoothing , dyeing, bleaching etc.).With significant results in these treatment modalities / capillary processing, Photon Lizze passes be considered by professionals and by consumers as a real Spa Capillary.Content:
01 Photon Lizze Bivolt01 Pair of glasses01 Exclusive bag Lizze01 Explanatory CD01 Operating instructions01 Warranty Certificate
Technical informationBrand: LizzeBar code: 7898949454014Warranty:12 month Payment Shipping Returns


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