Notifier AFP-1010 Fire Alarm Control Panel CPU Motherboard For Sale

Notifier AFP-1010 Fire Alarm Control Panel CPU Motherboard

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Notifier AFP-1010 Fire Alarm Control Panel CPU Motherboard:
$19.95 By purchasing the item(s) for sale on this page, you agree to the following terms and conditions:The item condition is in the condition section of the item specifics box. The seller notes section enumerates relevant details about the item's condition. We strive to communicate as clearly as possible the condition of our items. Due to the variable nature of the products we sell, the item you receive may not be the same one that is pictured but will be in the same general condition. If you wish to see pictures of the specific item you will receive, please let us know. You may purchase this item only through this listing. We use PayPal to process payments. We require you to pay immediately to complete your purchase.We offer free shipping on almost all of our listings. Depending on the weight of your purchase, we will send it through USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority Mail, or FedEx/UPS Ground. If you need expedited or overnight shipping, please contact us directly. Additional charges will apply.Almost all of our listings include free 30-day returns. We will pay for return shipping. You may begin the return process through your purchase history page. As soon as we receive the returned item, we will issue you a full refund.If you have any questions, please contact us through the Messaging feature. We will respond as quickly as possible.The following disclaimer applies to all of our listings: Incendico LLC sells this item, and all equipment for sale on this account. All fire alarm equipment that you purchase to use in active life safety systems must be installed, tested, and maintained by licensed professionals and per local and national laws. By purchasing this item, you agree not to hold Incendico LLC responsible for the state of this equipment once it leaves our possession; you, the buyer, assume all responsibility.

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