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MRI PHANTOM early 1990s:

PLEXIGLASS TANSPARENT MRI PHANTOM DIMENSIONS 12" D x 9" H x 91/2" W APPLICATION: CALLIBRATION of MRI SCANNERS; this one originates from the Siemens Cº and was applied in the calibration of the early Somatom MRI scanner. The major component is water since the human body is composed of about 70-75% of water. This Phantom is emptied of it for weight purposes. The metal components are very likely Titanium (paramagnetic). other screws are either nylon or plexiglass. The black edge ribbon is made of felt. weight 9+ lbsPlease pay ATTENTION to the following: I am not a flea marketer nor antique seller either, just getting my collections manageable and downsized. Also, please look at my other listings and do not forget to leave response, thank you. offerS FOR CONGO the net proceeds from this sale go to HOLD = ACT for Congo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, organizing and helping out women victims of the war-torn E-Congo.SPECIAL NOTE: SHIPPING: COMBINED SHIPPING always, if applicable. FLAT RATE: for parcels I choose flat rate if cheaper for you, buyer.For packing and shipping I do my best (of which one can find testimony in the response received) with packing solidly, ***QQs? Please feel free to ask QQs in Du., Eng., Fr.

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