Dual Land Repacks (New and Old) Magic the Gathering Re-Packs Magic the Gathering For Sale

Dual Land Repacks (New and Old) Magic the Gathering Re-Packs Magic the Gathering

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Dual Land Repacks (New and Old) Magic the Gathering Re-Packs Magic the Gathering:

Lots of Fun and RareCards to find

Just Like Booster Packs,

but with us its more exciting

Cards from many sets out of print,Lots of Variety to keep it fun,

(High Frequency of Dual Lands New and Old)

Each Pack will contain:

6 Commons Cards2 Uncommon Cards

1 Rare, Mythic or Foil Promo Cards
Some Packs WILL Contain MORE thanNine(9)Cards(usually indicates a Special, orValuableCard is in the pack)APPROX: ~20% ofPacks have an extra card or two in them.


BUY 5Packs------Get 1 Free Booster Pack*

BUY 10 Packs------Get2 Free Booster Packs*

Buy 25 Packs------Get5 Free Booster Packs*&Free Commander Legends Pack(Factory Sealed)

Buy 50 Packs------Get5 Free Booster Packs*&Both a Commander Legends Pack&FreeBundle Box (Factory Sealed)

~~~FreeBooster Packs, Will be chosen with a number generator, andcan be boosters dated as far back as Revised Edition, (most will be newer fromthe 5 most recent sets, based on sheer volume, but we keep it fair by lettingthe computer choose what packs you get.

~~~FreeBundle Box,also Known as Fat packs (Will be the most recent set we have instock)

See photos for example of cards that have beenfound and can be found in our lots, and still plenty of them in the mix tofind.To keep things fresh & FUN,We purchase collections and add them toour stock regularly. (Please let us know if you have a collection to sell, wewill always make an offer to buy it.)


****REPEAT CUSTOMERS, Please mention this oncheckout "message to seller section" We Reward our loyal customerswith promo items in their next order. (This has nothing to do with the listingitems itself, and is just a thank you perk for being the best part of what wedo). Feel free to also reach out to us to find out what the monthly promo itemis if you like.

Leaving me positive response will get youpositive response, what goes around comes around, but please reach out to usFIRST if you think your experience with us was anything less than great.



*Secrets about the stock if you read thisfar*

(Power 9's are mostly Collectors edition, andUnlimited Edition, reserve lists cards are mixed into the lots as well)

As of 10/2021 We added in an entire complete setof Beta (MP) Dual Lands, and a Mox Emerald, and Alpha Demonic Hordes.

Vintage Sets&Booster Packs Mixed into the lots, from the Following sets:Alpha,Beta, Unlimited,ArabianKights, Antiquities,Revised Edition,Legends,The Dark, Fallen Empires, Fourth Edition,Ice Age, Chronicles,Renaissance,Homelands, Alliances,Mirage, Visions,Fifth Edition, Portal, Weatherlight, Tempest, Stronghold, Exodus, Portal SecondAge, Unglued, Urza’s Saga, Antholigies, Urza’s Legacy, Sixth Edition, Starter1999, Mercadian Masques, Battle Royale, Nemesis, Starter 2000, Prophecy,Invasion,Beatdown, Planeshift, Seventh Edition,Apocalypse, Odyssey,Deckmaster 2001,Torment, Judgement,Onslaught,Legions, Scourge, Eighth Edition, Mirrodin,Darksteel, FifthDawn,Champions of Kamigawa, Unhinged, Betrayers of Kamigawa,Saviors of Kamigawa

-Its 100% possible toget cards and Boosters from the above sets, and we restock them as we buycollections from our clients.

And many other sets willbe found among our lots. We know you will enjoy this listing, and be back formore, as we actively restock the oldest of cards into them, as often aspossible, and ensure a heavy mix of cards from the sets we have come to loveover the years.

Additional Info/Disclaimers:

>You areNOT Guaranteedany Valuefrom any order, every pack is pre-packaged well ahead of time, and shares acard pool with our other listings,

which means that everyone has fair oddsof getting any card of any value, at any time.

>These listings are designed forentertainment purposes, and tailored for both collectors and new players inmind. Tailored grow a collection.
>We do make these packs in a very specific way that if purchased in largerquantities, your odds of getting something you want, or very useful willdefinitely be greater.

>Much like Booster Packs that Wizards of theCoast Sells, we made these in a similar way, but using all sets in MTG History,Nothing Held Back.

>If you want to properly appraise what youhave received, the best sites to use are CardKingdom, or ChannelFireball,TCGPlayer APP is also great, as we use them as well to figure out Actual valuesof cards. As prices change regularly on cards, theirs no definitiveway to get an accurate price. Keep in mind not everyone will get the full valueof their purchase back, the packs can be worth less or more. We guarantee agreat mix of cards to make sure everyone.

>ALL PACKAGESare packed in water proof packaging, andsealed in water resistant cellophane sticker seal packs to prevent damage toyour orders. If you have ANY issues with your orders what so ever let me knowdirectly before leaving response as I will work with you to resolve issues. Allorders under 5 are typically packed in a hard card sleeve and wrapped in thecellophane for protection.

Customer Service Promise:If you have an issue with your order message us FIRST and WeWILLworkwith you!! This is a promise to all our customers. As we want repeat and happycustomers. We take your advice and response to heart and work it into my futurebusiness practices.

Give us a shot I'm sure you will enjoy this listing & besure to check out our other listings too!

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