Blessed CARLO ACUTIS Relic Prayer Card Patron Saint of the Internet & Eucharist For Sale

Blessed CARLO ACUTIS  Relic Prayer Card Patron Saint of the Internet & Eucharist
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Blessed CARLO ACUTIS Relic Prayer Card Patron Saint of the Internet & Eucharist:

Blessed Carlo Acutis Relic Prayer Card The Laminated Prayer Card contains a Third-Class Relic of Blessed Carlo Acutis consisting of a Blessed Cloth touched to a First Class Relic of Bl. Carlo* * * * * About Carlo AcutisCarlo Acutis was born May 3, 1991 in London, before moving to Milan. He received his First Communion at age 7, and became a frequent communicant, praying before the tabernacle before or after every Mass. He looked to Francis of Assisi and several young saints as his Patrons, including Bernadette, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, and Dominic Savio. At school Carlo was known to comfort friends, and defend those who were bullied. After school he volunteered with the homeless and destitute. He enjoyed films, comics, soccer, and video games. His console of choice was Playstation, released in 2000, when Carlo was 9. He allowed himself to play games for only an hour a week as a spiritual discipline. Considered by some to be a Computer Geek, he spent four years creating a website about Eucharistic miracles. His desire to visit the sites of these miracles was cut short when he was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 15. He patiently offered his sufferings to God for the intentions of the Pope and the Church. Carlo died on Oct. 12, 2006 and, according to his own wishes, was buried at the Church of St. Mary Major in Assisi. His Parents, siblings and childhood friends were present for Carlo’s beatification on October 10, 2020, at which Cardinal Vallini praised Carlo as an example of how young people can use technology to spread the Gospel “to reach as many people as possible and help them know the beauty of friendship with the Lord.”

His Feast Day is October 12th.
“To be always united with Jesus, this is my plan of life”. * * * * * What is a Sacred Relic:Relics are physical objects that have a direct association with the Saints or with Our Lord. They may be of three classes. FIRST CLASS RELICS are the body or fragments of the body of a saint, such as pieces of bone, flesh, blood or hair. Relics of the Lord and the Blessed Virgin, e.g. the Holy Cross, are categorized as First Class.SECOND CLASS RELICS are something that a saint personally owned or used, such as a vestment, a habit, a book, or chair (or fragments of those items). THIRD CLASS RELICS are those items that have been touched to a First class, Second class, or another third Class relic of a saint.* * * * * THE VENERATION OF RELICSSt. Jerome instructed that – “We do not worship relics and we do not adore them for fear that we will bow down to the creature rather than to the Creator, but we venerate the relics of the saints and martyrs, in order to better adore Him whose Martyrs and Saints they are.”After the death of Jesus, the persecution of the Christians brought about countless martyrs. They were buried secretly in the catacombs, which later became a treasury of relics for distribution to the churches. Early on, religious services and Holy Masses were offered on the tombs of these heroic Christians.After Constantine put an end to persecution of the Christians, in the 1300's, the monuments built over the graves of the martyrs were transformed into sanctuaries and great basilicas. Churches were also built apart from the tombs of martyrs, and the remains of one or more martyrs were transferred and often enshrined within the altars. This was the beginning of the practice, of having relics of saints enclosed in Consecrated Altars, directly beneath the spot where the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered.The veneration of relics is permitted and encouraged by the Church out of honor for the bodies of the saints – which were temples of the Holy Spirit, and which will be raised to eternal glory – and to satisfy the universal instinct of mankind to treat with affection and reverence the physical remains of those we love. * * * * *
“By inviting us to venerate the mortal remains of the martyrs and saints, the Church does not forget that, in the end, these are indeed just human bones, but they are bones that belonged to individuals touched by the living power of God. The relics of the saints are traces of that invisible but real presence which sheds light upon the shadows of the world and reveals the Kingdom of Heaven in our midst.”
— Pope Benedict XVI
* * * * *
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