Black Victorinox Rambler Swiss Army Knife QUANTUM For Sale

Black Victorinox Rambler Swiss Army Knife  QUANTUM

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Black Victorinox Rambler Swiss Army Knife QUANTUM:

TheVictorinox Rambleris a small Swiss Army Knife often found imprinted with corporatelogos or the names of pharmaceutical products. It is a populargift for customers and suppliers. This one has black scales with alogo for QUANTUMINTERNATIONAL GROUP INC.. It is grade B.

QUANTUMappearsto be a small engineering firm in Richmond, California

TheRambleris a small (2.25"/58 mm) knife with a knife blade, nail filewith small screwdriver, bottle opener with magnetic Phillipsscrewdriver, scissors, tweezers, toothpick, and key ring.

Iam primarily a collector, but searching for new and unusual modelsoften brings me duplicates and perfectly useful knives that I cannotkeep. I share these on . I classify knives by conditionaccording to the scale below.


A+ new in box, with paperwork. Box may be worn, but the knife has neverbeen carried, sharpened, or used. Collector or museum quality.

A new or like new, but nobox or paperwork. Collector or museum quality.

B+Excellent condition, no obvious wear, clean, tight, complete. Goodfor a collector, but probably not a museum.

B Excellent conditionwith some wear on the scales (handles). Clean, tight, complete, butthe Swiss cross may be barely visible. A great carrier but notpretty enough for a collector’s display.

B- Some wear but still an excellent carrier. Clean, tight, complete.

C+ A good carrier. Clean and complete with excellent utility value.

C A good used pocketknifebut nothing more. Everything is there and it all works, but if youdropped it in the creek you might not jump in to retrieve it.

D Sold as is. Might beuseful for parts or dissection.

F You’ll never see thisbecause they end up in my trash can.

Ifyou are not happy with your purchase when you get it, send it back. I’ll refund your purchase price.


Beginning January 1, 2022 the following rates will be in effect:

U.S.: $5 for thefirst purchase; I can combine shipping by adding $2 for each additionalpurchase mailed in the same package.

IMPORTANT: If youwant to combine shipping on several purchases, DO NOT PAY until the order iscomplete and I send you an invoice showing the correct shipping charges. Once an order is paid, I ship it the next daythe post office is open. ( tracksthis and fusses at me if I fail to ship paid orders promptly.)


In the last year of COVID I have had more failed international deliveries than in the previous ten years. is no help at all. If the delivery does not meet their timeline, they simply refund the buyer at my expense. Even when the tracking shows the package has been stuck in customs in another country for weeks. I am out the merchandise AND about $20 in postage.


OF INTEREST TO SOME: charges commissions and fees on shipping charges. For each dollar paid I actually get about$0.83 ,Most of this goes to pay postage,which is always printed on the package, but the rest has to cover packaging materials,labeling, etc.


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