Aztec Death Whistle - The Baphomet - Imitates human screams very LOUD For Sale

Aztec Death Whistle - The Baphomet -  Imitates human screams very LOUD
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Aztec Death Whistle - The Baphomet - Imitates human screams very LOUD:

Aztec Death Whistle - the Baphomet.
The Sabbatic GoatHand created here in our Florida based studio.
We create the absolute best death whistles in the world!Our Aztec Death whistles produce the loudest, most ear piercing screams you will ever hear. They recreate a human scream in both pitch and decibel level that has to be heard to believe. I often bring these whistles to conventions where even hearing it in person people ask if the whistle is actually making that sound. If you would like to hear them, please visit our youtube you are unfamiliar with an Aztec Death Whistle read about the history:
Death whistles were first discovered in Mexico hundreds of years ago in the burials grounds of the Aztecs. Often the whistles were found clutched in the bony fingers of a skeletal corpse. Historians believe the whistles were used in sacrificial rituals of death, as a number of whistles were found with sacrificed victims to the Aztec wind God Ehecatl. Other theories propose that the whistles were used in war to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies. Imagine hundreds of whistles blowing in all directions as the Aztecs descend on their adversaries.I've spent the last 2 decades in the Special FX field making creatures for movies and collectors alike. When I discovered death whistles, I knew I wanted to combine my experience creating these creatures with the awesomeness of the whistle itself. The design of each whistle is just as important as the sound of the whistle. I wanted the sound to emanate from the mouth of the skull. Often death whistles produce the sound underneath the whistle and the mouth is either closed or just for show. The form of the creature should represent the function which is why I designed the Baphomet in a pose as if he is screaming.These whistles are not cheap toys, nor cheap souvenir items you can pick up on vacation. Made of high grade resin and epoxy, I hand make each whistle one at a time here in our studio. I create the whistle component separate from the design and then embed the whistle into the design of your choice. This offers many advantages over other whistles that build everything at once: It allows me to spend time tuning and pitching the whistle ahead of time and making sure it creates the best sound possible. It also allows me to be very choosy in what whistles make the cut. If I don't like the end sound, I simply toss the whistle component without losing the entire design. It also allows my whistles to be consistent across designs. What you hear coming from the Baphomet is what you will hear coming from any other design I make.Having said that about the whistles sound, no 2 whistles will sound exactly alike. This makes collecting whistles fun! Some produce a high scream, some more of a male sounding guttural scream. Some have a breathy sound, while some a resonating affect. I can assure you all of them will sound great.These whistle will look as good if not better than the pictures you see. They also have a nice weight to them (little over 1/2 pound) and feel solid in your hand. I also supply 1 yard of a leather/suede cord so you can hang the whistle around your neck looped through the back of the whistle, or use it to hang on display. It is also balanced to rest upright on your table.
Q: What if the whistle doesn't sound good?
A: All of our whistles leave our studio having gone through rigorous testing. However, even the smallest of debris can change the sound of the whistle. First, peek into the mouthpiece with a flashlight and look at the 2 holes and see if there is anything, even a small bit of debris around the hole. Take a pin or needle and clean anything off that might be on it. Try blowing through the mouth to produce some back pressure and loosen any debris. If you are still not satisfied, drop us a line and we will replace the whistle for you at our expense.Q: Will the whistle look and sound like the pictures/video?
A: Yes, what you see is what you get. There's no touched up photos or fake videos. Q: I need the whistle tomorrow
A: Due to the current demand, we generally do not have whistles in stock especially around holidays. We never miss a deadline, but we do need time to create your whistle for you after you order it. Sometimes we can accommodate a quick turnaround, just drop us a line and ask.Q: Can I use this whistle in my band?
A: We have lots of customers that buy the whistles for that very purpose. Many use them in live shows and recordings. The whistles can do alot more than scream. I've heard some very ingenious uses of these whistles from some of my customers from very soothing, breathy music to loud ear popping metal. The whistles can really hold their own up against a full band.

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