Audio Polarity Checker Phase Detector Self-Test Auto-Off PD-9A Speaker Tester For Sale

Audio Polarity Checker Phase Detector Self-Test Auto-Off PD-9A Speaker Tester
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Audio Polarity Checker Phase Detector Self-Test Auto-Off PD-9A Speaker Tester:

This sale is for a PD-9A Audio Polarity Checker (PHASE DETECTOR) from Navone Engineering. The PD-9A is a small, hand-held device that uses an internal microphone to determine the direction of travel of a speaker's cone. When the cone moves towards the microphone (positive), the GREEN light will blink. When the speaker's cone moves away from the microphone (negative), the RED light will blink. This means that the PD-9A can work with speakers behind grills and in walls. The PD-9A has a suggested retail price of $129.00! You can test the operation of the PD-9A by simply striking a flat object, such as a CD case, in front of the internal microphone. The GREEN and RED lights will indicate the object's direction of travel with respect to the PD-9A’s microphone. Yes, the PD-9A can easily check speakers from across a large room or as close as 1" from the cone. Great for home theater systems. Make sure that all your speakers are working together!The PD-9A was designed to be used with Track 23 of Audio Test CD#103 "My Disc" from A2000, Inc. This track contains THREE positive pulses followed by ONE negative pulse. The PD-9A will exhibit THREE GREEN lights followed by ONE RED light to indicate that a speaker is in absolute polarity (phase) with the software. (The tracks are also available on the www.) This means that any inversions in pre-amp level components, amplifiers, crossovers, wiring, and speakers can be easily detected. Any speakers that are discovered to be out of phase can be corrected by simply swapping the (+) and (-) wires at the speaker terminals. Remember, out-of-phase (polarity) speakers in a home theater, listening room, car audio system, or pro-audio system can severely detract from the in-phase speakers. The PD-9A will insure that the wiring of home theater and other in-the-wall listening rooms are correct and that all the speakers are working together. The PD-9A will also work with any object that can be quickly stuck. You can use a small battery to "pop" a speaker and the PD-9A will indicate the direction of cone movement.The PD-9A PHASE DETECTOR is the first system that actually checks itself by reversing every fourth pulse on the software. The PD-9A is only 2.25" x 3.75" x 1" and operates on a 9-volt battery. To maximize battery life, an AUTO-OFF TIMING CIRCUIT shuts the PD-9A off after five minutes. Complete with instructions, a CD-R of the A2000 Audio Test Disc CD#103 "My Disc," and a one-year warranty. It is not unusual for professional polarity checkers to cost over $500.00 - and these systems do NOT check themselves with the inverted 4th pulse! The Navone Engineering PD-9A system is the only polarity checker that absolutely insures absolute polarity "From the Software to the Air."The PD-9A comes with a 1-year factory warranty. If you're serious about home, pro, or car audio, then the PD-9A PHASE DETECTOR is a must-have item. We only have a few at this low price, so get your offer started now and make sure that ALL of your speakers are working together with the PD-9A PHASE DETECTOR!

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