ACME Studio “Neurons” Color Test 4FP: World's Thinnest 4 Function Pen NEW For Sale

ACME Studio “Neurons” Color Test 4FP: World's Thinnest 4 Function Pen NEW

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ACME Studio “Neurons” Color Test 4FP: World's Thinnest 4 Function Pen NEW:

ACME "Neurons" 4FP by Adrian Olabuenaga - World's Thinnest 4 Function Pen NEW-RARE


World's Thinnest 4-Function Pen from ACME Studio include a Black Ball

Point, Orange Highlighter, 0.7 Lead Pencil, and PDA Stylus. The "Neurons" Color Test comes from Adrian Olabuenaga, but this is not only a factory

sample color test. This design was also never produced and very few were ever

made. The pen is packaged in a custom 4FP tin, with a black sleeve.

This style was never produced and is very rare.

Pen Length: 5-3/8"

ACME Studio writing instruments are well designed with a comfortable weight and shape. Pens are constructed using metal barrels with hand applied color images - the finest lacquers are used. Quality manufacturing is demonstrated by metal-to-metal threading. This is a designers' writing instrument for a designer and/or an enthusiast with  a keen sense of style.


About ACME Studio

Started in 1985, ACME Studio is an international product design company, producing and marketing writing instruments, and other design objects. Its products are the result of cooperation with the world’s leading architects, designers, artists, foundations, estates and institutions. ACME Studio has a habit of producing limited editions and/or discontinuing products and destroying the molds – this causes items to become very unique and collectible.


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