Сustomized Personalized Necklace Natural Amazing stone Shungite, Gift Box, Tolvu For Sale

Сustomized Personalized Necklace Natural Amazing stone Shungite, Gift Box, Tolvu

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Сustomized Personalized Necklace Natural Amazing stone Shungite, Gift Box, Tolvu:

Where to buy real Shungite? In our store:Shungite Tolvuyou will find more than 60 different items from genuine Shungite.
Add to your cart more than one item from this listing and get an automatic discount on shipping!More variations of engraved shungite pendants can be found in our store.
Shungite is one of the rarest and most amazing minerals on our earth. This rare black mineral has become the object of worldwide scientific research in the field of EMF protection. Each of our pendants is made from a single piece of natural shungite stone. Each pendant is made by hand and is unique, so the size, thickness and weight of each pendant are different. The specification of this product indicates the approximate size of these pendants. The entire surface of these pendants has a smooth polished surface on all sides, including the ends of this pendant. If you wish, we will put your name on the surface of this shungite pendant. Your name will be engraved on the surface. This method of application makes the image very durable. Your name will not be erased over time. Please note that shungite has inclusions of pyrite and Quartzite in the form of veins or marks. On the polished surface of shungite, these inclusions are hardly noticeable, but in places where there is engraving, these minerals become clearly visible. These inclusions are like fingerprints of human. They are never repeated, that each dealet is individual and unique. You can be sure that only you have such a pendant and nowhere else in the world.You can add decorative packaging to your pendant and your personal inscription on the back of the pendant. Drawing-the Tree of Life and your text are applied using special high-precision equipment by engraving. This makes the drawing and inscription durable and not subject to abrasion over time. Decorative upkavoka made of 100% environmentally friendly material. This is the bark of a tree. The filler in the package is made of 100% wood chips. The rope of the shungite pendant is made of 100% waxed cotton.If you are looking for a natural unusual gift, then this is probably one of those that you were looking for.

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