Scientific Curiosities

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Electrocute Your Friends!

These RC tanks move forwards, backwards left and right just like any other RC tank. But each time you successfully laser blast your opponents tank, they'll receive an electric shock from their controller! The perfect gift for Patton-esque sadists.

PC Cassette Deck

Remember that satisfying "clunk" when you shoved a cassette into your car player? Well, keep that feeling alive with this full-logic cassette deck for your PC. Old school grooviness which will also let you digitize your old tapes and record onto tape from your PC!

DNA Immortality Kit

Preserve your DNA for ever! Maybe one day it'll save the human race.

Cyclops Spy Car

Now pay attention 007. This is a radio controlled car that sends video and audio feeds back to the controller.

Sliderule Pilot Watch

Elegant analog watch with Swiss movement that has a built in circular slide rule. Not cheap, but it could save your bacon following an EMP.

Plasma Mug

Advanced plasma technology works in conjunction with a specially designed electronic coaster to create this one-of-a-kind lighting effect in hot/cold 8 oz beverage mug.

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