Demon Possessed Sex An Empirical Approach

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Eudaemonic Pie on Feb 07, 2002 at 15:45 (

Re: A bullet? nay i say (bobbapink)


My wife just read your post.

My wife says that you and I need to take an empirical approach to demon possession.

She said you and I need to found our empirical studies in demon possession in a methodology using cross terms in methods -- correlating demons and sex (she's a classics scholar, but she's statistically competent). Huh?

She just said to me that you (she won't let me do the actual experiments) can falsify or verify the magnitudes of ecstatic difference of women who are possessed by demons versus the magnitudes of ecstacy of non-demon-possessed women. She says that you, Bobba (and not me) must do the actual experiments.

I only get to watch. And record the data.

She says she recommends you, Bobba, start "performing" experiments with a random sample of Italian women because, as the mythology has it, Italian women love having sex with the Devil.

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