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Re: A bullet? nay i say (bobbapink)

Bobba! .. "And know that at least i am proud you kept your vow to not name he whose name must be left unsaid (D******)."


Thanks bobba.

Sometimes rage and outrage is the point. Sometimes rage is the truth. Philosophers make it all cognitive and emasculate the truth of our basic emotions. And yet, rage and passion befuddle and befog our better reason. I've been guilty of that myself. And this is why I'm truly enjoying and I'm learning heaps and heaps from your own intelligent-passioned arguments debunking the impassioned-but-not-always-reasoned hysterias of environmentalists! Bobba, I think that the exchanges here in Science a Go Go are amongst the best anywhere: the back-and-forth between you, DA Morgan, Dan, others – great stuff. Really great. I'm stumped by such large questions. But, I like your debunking. It needs doing.

Hey? Hmmm. Is ecology the biologist's equivalent of theology? – ecology our largest global concern? – "save the planet" our Primus Parens mythology? Never thought of that. If yes, I agree wholeheartedly with your debunking of the mythology as much as I agree with debunking theology. I admire your Sissyphean efforts. Have away.

And you asked, "Would a nice ad hom do instead?"

Yeah! Insult me! Call me a "theologian!"

I don't need an ad hom. I got laid last night. By the hottest, bested, redhead, sweetest, and non-nonsense hottie of a woman who ever walked the face of this earth in a 30-year marriage to an ungrateful pompous Darwin-worshiping bloke like me! Saved by grace, Bobba! Call me anything – ad hom – I'm so full of good feelings, it won't matter!

I'm gonna lurk a little and keep learning from you guys in the enviro thread ... good stuff. And thanks for it.

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