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Re: And they're off... (Amaranth Rose)

Amaranth .. "the forum is inhabited by bad kids with attitudes."

And since size matters, I'm the baddest with the biggest (attitude: among other robust features).

Amaranth, the boys are doing what they should. Mammals test each other out. And they sniff each other. Then bark. Growl. Alpha-beta. Good mammals help test each other and their environment out.

The issues need a full hearing. And every full hearing is "full of it."

So, let's learn from this pretty good discussion.

Especially since I'm here with you Amaranth. You and me the only intelligent survivors. Come over here and talk to me. I'll be nice to you this time. ‘Cuz I like ya anyway. Let's you and me be the intelligent ones in this forum.

Amaranth: serious question. Very basic. Low level. You can see bobba's good criteria (1-7) in his previous post. Pretty good stuff. But, what I'm wondering – constantly – forever – wondering is how we humans, inside this large and dynamical and adaptively complex life-filled world of ours, how (open question) we ought measure such global and dynamical ecological conditions? You mentioned statistics (I know you meant statistics of posts here), and I'm talking about statistics or any other measure for global conditions? Even the very best of our common law tradition in the form of tort law had to abandon simple common sensical measures like ordinary foresight (foresight of consequences by ordinary people: not omniscient ones), and this abandonment of ordinary foresight happened in our law awhile ago when applied to large scale environmental matters. Commonsense alone with commonsense ordinary foresight (foresight of risk, risk magnitude, harm, harm magnitude, etc) just ain't gonna save the planet because commonsense foresight is too local and too fragile.


Beats me. I'm stumped. I've thought about this problem for years. My brain, limited as it is, just melts down into a muddle like a disconnected brain in a vat. I'm stumped. Dumb man. And since size matters – call me The Dumbest!

Amaranth, you can help.

Open question. Honest: no ad homina (and no ad hymenaei either, see Ben Johnson). Just please tell me your own version of what kind of measures (maths, whatever) we humans need in order to get us on the right track? – to measure all this stuff? – to crunch it, shake it, rattle it, roll it, and make it talk to us!? – do we have any such measure? – what's our best?

And don't quote Shakespeare, "Measure for Measure." I ain't in the mood for comedy. We've got a serious crises on our hands. The world is at stake.

Amaranth – the forum is counting on you! Honest question. Take it away!

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