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Re: Was that a stake or a pin prick? (Dale)

Just a pin prick really. I admit to having some reservations concerning GM crops. While nobody has yet to demonstrate harm, i suspect the technology is rapidly exceeding control and testing standards of the end products. IOW, the potential for harm exists, just as I suppose it does for all technologies.

My real objection and point of making the reply, no doubt lost on the original poster, was to demonstrate what I perceive as an incredible bias on the part of New Scientist magazine, not to mention a probable blatant attempt to mislead its readers. As you no doubt know, having actually read the source link, the first two paragraphs of my reply were directly from the article, but the third was not and yet was by far the more objective point – and directly contradicted the entire article’s implications IMO.

It took me all of three minutes to find that study; surely the ‘science reporters’ at New Scientist could spare three minutes to research their work. And to think I actually use to like that rag. Now I only reference it to find keywords to real articles.

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