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Re: "Good, you do that?????" (Mike Kremer)

Thats not a very nice heading in itself.

why not?

I must agree with Richard L and Amaranth, petty arguments and backbitting do nothing for this Forum, except drive away all those readers who have an interest in Science.

Regarding the "petty arguments" and "Backbiting" going on here, I think it would have just the opposite effect; drive away all those readers who have an interest in Junkscience.

Regarding the posting of Scientific articles that others may find interesting, it should be remembered that we are not in competition with each other, or the Forum editor....Kate.

To that, i agree. Others post much more interesting science topics then do i, and i know that very well. Some i enjoy quite alot and yet, unless i find some reason to comment, will not do so. I've never felt the need to 'out-post' another.

It does show up those that are genuinely interested in Science.

Other things "show them up" as well, IMO.

What is objectionable its immeadiate degeneration to a reply that is totally
divorced from the original posting.

I'd agree somewhat though i'm not sure what you're talking about here. Which posts did that?

Surely we can all find something of interest in the posted article to comment upon?

To which article do you refer? The one on the 'agogo cover page?

It should'nt matter whether your reply is right or wrong, as long as it is connected by word, logic, or science to the original article.

Why shouldn't it matter? Seems to me if your "reply" is wrong, it should be pointed out in spades, otherwise it is counterproductive to the very science the members are discussing.

What is important is the proper continuation of the subject in hand, refering to the original
comment , if in doubt.

I'd agree. To which posters do you refer and which posts contain examples thereof?

Unscientific answers like-"grab a science book from the Library are not acceptable.

I agree. That is never, ever, called for. It is completely counterproductive to a discussion forum, for books cannot debate.

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