Posted by Ben on Dec 23, 2001 at 14:46

Re: Car that runs on water invented by efrinder daniel dingle (elgin jones)

I am saddled with a great deal of personal wealth which, as of yet, I have not been able to dispose of. Seeing your emminent post about the water powered car, it came to me that a small investment in this wonderous new technology may be just the venture in which to place my unwanted fortune. Such an investment would certainly imporverish my family and myself if it were in such dubious fruads as the hampster powered car, or the carrot powered car (I am sure I will never see my 500,000 pounds which I so foolishly invested in that project), but a water powered car with it's unqualified support from the greatest men in science I feel is quite safe.

It is a wonder of our steam powered age that such marvelous contrivances of gears, pulleys, and electrics powered tubes and glowing orbs of rare earth can be constructed. The miracles produced by our modern science-men like Nicola Tessla, Tom Edison, and Verbert Worbishing of Snettisham (the invetor of the automatic pickling machine) have made our world a true utopia. It is my strong belief that we will soon conquer the skies with heavier than air flying contraptions, and even banish death by creating nitro-gylcerine powered rocket-contrivances which can safely transport a human being outside the circles of the world directly into heaven itself.

Yours Respectfully

Col. H.R.S.T. Benjamin III (Late of His Majesty's Royal Marines)

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