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Posted by Richard Linney on Feb 04, 2002 at 11:39 (

Re: Good, you do that. (Amaranth Rose)

Firstly, may I apologise for not replying to anything you have ever posted, Rose.

Secondly, I find myself being put into approximately the same position as yourself. When I first arrived at this site, i thought, "hey, this is pretty good" - then the petty arguments and the constant struggle to get one up on fellow posters started (you all know who you are). I find myself reluctant to put any thoughts onto the forum for fear of hmm.. I think in this situation, ridicule is an apt word..

Instead I find myself merely posting articles I think others may find interesting.

Well, to the powers that be, here's a suggestion:
How about a tool to filter out posts by username?

It's certainly something I'd use. I could go back to enjoying the forum in the same way I did when I first arrived.


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