Re: Mystery virus ravages UK frogs

Posted by Natalie L. Smith on Jan 31, 2002 at 19:42

Re: Mystery virus ravages UK frogs (Dale)

The most recent article I read (last year) said that the CFC levels in the lower atmosphere were now dropping and that those in the stratosphere had leveled off. What is your source?

Also, there are apparently two very distinct problems (at least) going on here with the amphibia. The virus causes sloughing of tissue and ensuing decline and death. The effects of exposure to UV is very different - increase in developmental abnormalities and resulting decline and death. One you get too few legs, the other too many (hmmm. Commercial possibilities here?). Unfortunately, instead of each problem canceling out the other, what is getting cancelled seems to be the frogs. Just because the viral problem is real doesn't mean the UV problem isn't. Doesn't mean it is, either. But, your third article seems to present some intriguing possibilities and, IMHO, warrants further investigation.

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