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Dale, a word of concern.

It's been over two years that I've watched you poke at Daniel. He's been playing this game all his life and you just don't think like he does. Let me tell you from my observations, you're not getting to him. You're getting to YOU. You empower him to control YOUR physiology with your reactions. He lives with his choices, as we all do with our own. We all answer for that later, y'know? Let it go -- reread a bit of what I posted 'way below about belief and science (more on this later)...

"The Stress-Modified Response:

The normal stress response is upset by emotional stimuli. These can be real, imagined, or merely apperceived symbols of prior threats and demands. Once set into motion, there is little that can be done to significantly modify an individual's H-P-A response. Indeed, if it were possible, it would almost certainly require a resetting of the customary attitudes leading to the individual's choice of response. It may be possible to influence the response behaviorally, but this lies outside the domain of biological and physiological sciences.13

Sapolsky discovered that the number of events that occurred to the animals he studied was less important than their reaction style and how they perceived and coped with the stressors.11 As Hans Selye has said:

"...both on the cellular and the interpersonal level, we do not always recognize what is and what is not worth fighting."6(p.41)"

Dale, "get" that last part and take it to heart. I'm sincere in my concern.


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