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Posted by Southern Man on Jul 25, 2002 at 08:58

Re: Sidebar... (mara)

Nope, by definition, the people who think there are only two types of people are right and those who don't are wrong. In the first section of your reply you listed only two type but then you tried to break up the second type into subgroups. Even if the subgroups are allowed to be called types then all you accomplish is to make them all wrong since there are, theoretically, an infinite number of subgroups. We could then say that there are those who think there are an infinite number of subgroups and there are those who donít and both would be wrong since we have again only listed two and not all the possibilities.

Make the problem as complicated as necessary and no more. You either belong to group A or you donít. Doesnít matter if you belong to subgroup B or C. You arenít an A. Anyman seems to have carefully prepared an A/not A statement. You can argue that he isnít discussing Bís and Cís and Dís and that they also need to be considered but his limited statement was, by definition, correct.

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