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Posted by paul on Jul 20, 2002 at 18:24

Re: this planet (oliver claypool)

gee thank goodness I have gained a little knowledge.
the pressures at the center of the earth itself
generate tremendous heat.
this heat transfers outward.
the further outward the cooler the temperature.
space has little heat and provides the earth
with a shell or crust through contact with the cooler atmosphere.

a few degrees in atmospheric temperature increase and we see a definite volcanic activity increase.

we sit on a floating shell that is shrinking every day in thickness due to the rising atmospheric temperatures.

if there is another large methane release global temperatures will be out of control and the predicted method of a massive release is from ocean temperature increases.

it will be a domino effect and the results might render the crust unstable and things will happen
beyond any ones control.

so if we survive the global warming effects of our mistakes it may already be too late to do any thing impacting.

we must harvest this methane and convert it without generating any heat.

and we must harvest the unstable methane first.

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