Re: no magnetic field on the moon OH MY!!!!

Posted by paul on Jul 19, 2002 at 20:34

Re: no magnetic field on the moon OH MY!!!! (paul)

a thought.
1) an impact to the earth.
2) a greater earth rotational speed from the impact.
3) a hot spot moves outward from centrifugal force.
4) it spews outward and the moon is formed.
just like water in zero G forms a sphere.
5) the mass gets trapped in earth orbit.
6) the mass cools but becoms off balanced due to the attraction of the earth
the off balance in the density keeps the moon facing the earth from then on.
7) the cooling forms caverns deep within the moon
on the side that we cant see that are ready for exploration.
8) the previous inhabitants of the earth and mars have left artifacts in these caverns.
9) we investigate to find that there are still
people living there.

sounds like it might work like that in a H.G. Well book.

might even be non-fiction.

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