theory voted most likely to...

Posted by anyman on Jul 16, 2002 at 00:26

Re: Theory voted most likely to tick everyone off....[Try #2] (Dogrock)

there is no where else for it to head...

ultimately there are only two possible philosophical outcomes regarding the issue of origins science whether cosmological or biological

everything, the universe and the many known variations of life ocurred by accidental random chance lucky non-directed non-purposed unintelligent processes


the same as above occurred via intentional non-random not by chance not by luck directed purposed intelligent processes

all possible philosophies or atttempted explanations for reality will fall into one or the other of those two categories

creationary science is making significant advances

creationary science does not "end all endeeavor" or even stifle any endeavor "to unravel a most beautiful prize"

so-called modern science exists because those that had a christian philosophy wanted to explore the natural realm more systematically so that all men might better understand its creator

our interests and research efforts have done nothing but increase in number and range as time goes by

sadly we are hampered by the lack of the vast research funds that are available to mainstream evolutionary scientists due to very obviously biased subjective and capricious decisions from those with the purse strings

but in spite of that...we have made much progress and shall continue to endeavor :-)

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