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Posted by Dogrock on Jul 13, 2002 at 22:54

Re: hmm... (Mike Kremer)

My answer:
These scientists mentioned in the first paragraph would need motive and opportunity.
Movive: Why would they decide to do such a thing having seen it through all the way. It suggests an end to advancement which we know nothing about or never experienced. So how can we speculate.
Opportunity: All evidence suggests we will never get to the end of the quest to understand the world. If we do get to that place we can only assume we will be unrecognisable to ourselves as we are now.
All theories must offer some better understanding of the world than is presently available, this one while trying to explain everything denies all human endeavour to get where we can ask such questions about the big bang. When we discover more, then there will be another new theory to explain everything. Meanwhile the rest of us have to keep discovering. Your theory must offer the chance of some experimental proof, otherwise we must continue to probe and verify, maybe to find a heaven or just to dream eternally of it.

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