More Evidence Supports Relativity

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DA Morgan on Jul 12, 2002 at 13:13

Black holes really do imprison matter and light, and sap energy from light that narrowly escapes their grip. Until now, these were only predictions of Einstein's theory of gravity, but astronomers peering at suspected black holes have at last found compelling evidence that this does actually happen.

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I am not posting this here for the physics. As I think it is a foregone conclusion by anyone with an IQ over room temperature that this was correct.

But rather to point out to those that expect science to instantly produce proof of things. Or for those that think science is some kind of pseudo-religous orthodoxy that doesn't allow people to test and challenge theories ... that they are wrong.

It has not been more than 80 years since the theory was published. And testing continues to establish whether it is valid. And the range of conditions under which it is valid. Because we all know that it is not perfect and will eventually be replaced by one that provides a still more general explanation of reality.

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