Re: Should we go nuclear and conquer space?

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DA Morgan on Jul 12, 2002 at 12:47

Re: Should we go nuclear and conquer space? (Southern Man)

I agree with what you wrote. But a bicycle accident is not the same thing as a bioterrorist incident.

Acid rain, as bad as it is, will cure itself in a few tens or hundreds of years if we stop creating more. Plutonium waste will still kill a quarter million years into the future.

Humans have been around and have some concept of how to keep something quarantined for decades. We just about couldn't even walk upright as long ago as it will be in the future when the plutonium waste becomes safe.

Yes there are problems. Some are just a bit more challenging to deal with than others. A wind turbine can be dismantled and becomes instantly harmless. Try that will a fuel rod some time and the difference will be obvious.

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