Re: Should we go nuclear and conquer space?

Posted by Southern Man on Jul 12, 2002 at 09:38

Re: Should we go nuclear and conquer space? (DA Morgan)

“You are actually going to sign your name to the statement that solar cells have the same level of serious potential consequences as 700,000 tons of high level nuclear waste?“

I’ll also sign that statement. Ever heard of the problems with the water supply in Silicon Valley? Making silicon chip is a very dirty process with tons of dangerous chemicals to dispose of. Solar power depends on the same technology. 700K tons is nothing compared to what would have to be disposed of if we tried to produce a large supply of solar panels. And remember that the half-life of these chemicals is infinite.

“Then why, pray tell, are there no protesters demanding protection from solar cells? Or wind turbines? Or hydroelectric projects?”

Because they are as ignorant of the realities as you?

“Those poor people in Iceland using geothermal energy. I guess they have no idea what long term health risk they are creating for their progeny.”

Not so much them as all the rest of us who have to breath additional SO2 (ACID RAIN!!! ACID RAIN!!! ACID RAIN!!!) because of their releases. Geothermal releases a lot of chemicals into the atmosphere and removing these chemicals is a lot harder than removing them from coal stacks because the concentrations are so much higher.

Really DAMorgan. But you probably can’t do any better.

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