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Posted by Dogrock on Jul 10, 2002 at 20:51

Re: bioplastics... (anyman)

While welcoming the developments that make it easier to use plastic. I asked this before and will ask again, why do people hate plastic so much. Why not rocks? People reuse plastic bags again and again in some circumstances. Why is there a problem because they are not biodegradable. On a personal note: they banned plastic bags for shopping where I live and now I have to buy plastic bin-liners, I used to use the ones I got free when shopping, so they were used at least twice. The bin-liners once. I've seen people's paper bags disintergrate in the rain and drop messages. Who bothers to count the cost in broken items and extra energy used in conforming to this new idea. An ideal answer would simply explain to me why plastic bags are worst that rocks.

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