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Posted by Uncle Al on Jul 10, 2002 at 15:43

Re: Wow! (bobbapink)

Case 1: You wake up tomorrow morning. All of Pakistan has vanished in the night, as have 500 million East Indians and 600 million Chinese. 20% of the Earth's population is gone without a trace.

Has anything materially degraded? Nope. In fact, life in all three countries is substantially better in every possible way. Consider Europe after the Black Plague - no wars for almost a century plus a substantially improved standard of living for everybody almost from the get go.

Case 2: You wake up tomorrow morning. 122,000 garbage collectors have vanished in the night.

Has anything materially degraded? You betcha! Wait a week.

I put it to you simply: The average First World garbage collector is 10,000 times as valuable as anybody in the Third World. Skilled labor vastly more so, and the Gifted infinitely more so.

There are no points awarded for a big flesh count. Quality is important, not quantity.

Uncle Al
(Doing the naughty thing to physics)

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