Re: Should we go nuclear and conquer space?

Posted by Bobba on Jul 09, 2002 at 13:09

Re: Should we go nuclear and conquer space? (DA Morgan)

You wrote: "These are all pretty clean but whether they are cleaner than nuclear is debatable,...."

I don't believe that is an exact quote. The word "barely" was in there somewhere, was it not? But your somewhat characteristic misrepresentation aside, yep, that was me.

Debatable by who?

By the folk that debate such things. Me, for example.

You are actually going to sign your name to the statement that solar cells have the same level of serious potential consequences as 700,000 tons of high level nuclear waste?

Yep. Gladly. When I factor in the real upline and downline consequences of relying on each, nuclear comes out on top by far.

Then why, pray tell, are there no protesters demanding protection from solar cells? Or wind turbines? Or hydroelectric projects?

Protest is political and, as I stated just above, doesn’t necessarily regard reality. Here are some wind turbine protesters and some hydroelectric protesters though. As to solar cells, well, how much energy does it take to produce a solar cell. How much environmental damage does that manufacture cause. What do you do with a solar cell when it needs replacing? How much of the environment must be dedicated to accommodate the operating solar cells? How cost effective are solar cells and what will be the environmental consequences of expending economic resources of an overly expensive energy source? Give Greenpeace et al time – they’ll be protesting solar as well. But only because they want you to die, not because they don’t like it. They’re already started to protest fusion. Better jump on the bandwagon now dan.

Those poor people in Iceland using geothermal energy. I guess they have no idea what long term health risk they are creating for their progeny.

Since they’ve got it they can flaunt it. I ain’t got it and have little intention of moving where I would.

Really Bobba. You can do better.

I do fine.

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