Re: Should we go nuclear and conquer space?

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DA Morgan on Jul 08, 2002 at 16:16

Re: Should we go nuclear and conquer space? (bobbapink)

Solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal

Do I think they are more compact? Of course not. Which is why I didn't dispute the statement.

Political motive does not make something dirty. In fact politics does not make anything dirty except, perhaps politics. But a dirty source of energy may make for politics. I think you have the cause-effect relationship reversed.

Personally I would like nothing more than a clean form a nuclear energy. Much like Sagan and others I hope some day we have energy in such abundance that we can raise the living standard of the rest of the humans on this planet to ours ... and then get the population under control or off exploring the cosmos.

And to that end I would gladly vote to increase my own taxes if it meant a serious effort to develop fusion power. But trying to pretend that fission of uranium is clean is a hoax. And if you doubt me fly on into SeaTac airport and I'll take you out to Hanford for a nice vacation. Just bring your lead undergarments.

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