the sweet rose...of sharon

Posted by asdf on Dec 22, 2001 at 11:02

Re: A Sweet Start (DA Morgan)

spite me if you the meantime, let's wait for the discovery...then let's wait to see if it didn't originate on earth...then let's find out how highly specific complex information arose, became organic, and then became ever more complex and varied by accident, chance, random processes, and, as our old friend richard dawkins is fond of saying, *with a little bit of luck in every generation* over [alleged] millions billions of years (okay, so that last part is a little saganesque :-)

anyway...let's discuss it further when we find some life out there to talk about, eh :-)

for now...there is no evidence contrary to or in conflict with the proposal that the rose of sharon did it all...roughly 10,000 years ago or more likely ~6000 years ago :-)

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