Re: Aspirin could Cut Lung Cancer

Posted by Southern Man on Jul 04, 2002 at 09:03

Re: Aspirin could Cut Lung Cancer (DA Morgan)

"And you can put an equals sign between the following two statements?

1. "benefits still somewhat sketchy."
2. "do not allow us to absolutely predict the

Fascinating. "

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That is exactly what you did, not me. You are the one who said you never said they were questionable but rather “I said that the results, to this point, do not allow us to absolutely predict the implications” and “the exact benefit still somewhat sketchy”. You are the one who wants to equate those two items but still differentiate them from questionable.

What is even more fascinating is your refusal to discuss the subject of wasting money on your pet projects that you agree have not produced concrete results even though huge amounts have been spent on them but then you want to decry the loss of lives that has resulted because we didn’t spend a small amount on education. Your insistence that the possibility that your pet projects might one day produce some beneficial result no matter how small outweighs the demonstrated loss of life that is occurring is truly fascinating.

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