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DA Morgan on Jun 29, 2002 at 15:27

Re: About the religion of the Founding Fathers (I. S.)

Excellent find. I have a collection of these and other quotations from the founding fathers. But figure they have as much chance of persuading the wilfully ignorant as any other posting or URL.

You are correct. The right-wing fundamentalists are attempting to rewrite history. And if you look at what they are doing in Texas, Kansas, and other states, attempting to rewrite science too.

Apparently the concept that lying is a sin is somehow forgiven if you are a self-righteous rationalizing hypocrite: Or so they think.
And this is why I find them far more frightening than any other threat to me and my family. It is because their definition of good, love, right, truth, and other words is purely self-serving. Basically ... something is good if it serves their purpose. And that apparently is simple enough for their simple minds.

Thanks again.

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