Posted by paul on Jun 26, 2002 at 19:23

Re: CANS (I. S.)

well we are becomming a nation that God might not want his name refferenced to in any pledges of allegence that would be pledged to this particular nation.

removing these words from this pledge would clear God of our actions in the eyes of others.

and free him of watching over us as a nation.

we can still "trust in God" as it states on our money hopefully we can trust that he will lead and guide us as a people if not as a nation.

a coin is a government document or instrument and on each of the government documents that you have in your pocket the words " in God we trust " are written there are more of these documents than there are constitution documents.

I say we vote on such important issues not let one man decide.
it is still our nation for what time we have left before the new nazi's take complete control of every aspect of life.

this is not any single judges nation other than God of course.

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