Re: ozone layer is thinning...

Posted by Southern Man on Jun 26, 2002 at 08:27

Re: ozone layer is thinning... (DA Morgan)

I said …xxx…

You said “Actually I just reread both articles and now can not agree with either my original statement or your characterization of the articles.”

I cut and paste my original posting …xxx… and you say “I agree with this characterization.” Glad to see you finally got around to reading what I said before commenting. Or are you just disagreeing with what you posted first because you can’t be caught agreeing with anything?

“But "Increasing" and "Decreasing"? That makes no sense still.” And who said that? If look for those specific words you find that you posted them before I did.

“What can not be disputed is that the stakes are high if we guess wrong: If we wait until too late to figure it out.”

Yes the stakes are VERY high. So far the US has spent $18,000,000,000 just on research with no quantifiable results. That $18B could have been used to save a lot of lives but instead it was wasted on finding out that global warming may or may not exist and may or may not be the end of the world. And this is just the direct cost to the US government. The cost to private parties has been far more. Yes, the stakes are VERY high. Millions of people will continue to be killed when we squander our resources on problems that we can’t find after spending years looking. Show me a real problem and I’ll help fix it. Demand that people die because you insist that maybe the world is ending even though all evidence points to the fact that any problems are minor and I’ll oppose you every step of the way.

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