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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jun 24, 2002 at 15:32

Re: The horrid economic effect of a warmer climate (bobbapink)

...would be a discussion of whether they have more need for food, clothing, temporary shelter, or internet access to find new homes and jobs. And how to effect the transfer of same from those who have to spare to those in need. In every ending are the seeds of a new beginning. From the ashes of disaster rises the Phoenix of new hope and vigor.

It may be that elevated temperatures due to global warming caused more rapid growth of underbrush and tinder, and concomittantly causing more rapid depletion of subsoil moisture and groundwater reserves due to higher than normal rates of transpiration, thus contributing both to the fire's fuel and speed of movement. It is an interesting and elegant scientific question, whose time may come, later. Now it is time to fight the fires, save what can be salvaged, dress the wounds and tend to the injured, of both mind and body. Science will have its turn--later.

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