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Posted by Mike Kremer on Jun 24, 2002 at 00:34

Re: Evolution (Dogrock)

My fav subject Dogrock. Hehehe
I guess if we looked carefully enough thru a microscope at deep sea sediments or in hotsprings we would find, a few,as yet undiscovered family's of known SIMILAR species? Prehaps even a really new species.....but proof of it being REALLY new, or whether it had been there all the time, for a million or more years, would be difficult to ascertain.

(There have certainly not been any new species
formed in the last thousand years ,as you say.
Not unless God, or the Aliens dumped them here, but thats another story)
Going a million years into our future, there would have been subtle changes to our present species of animals. For example, should the world climate become warmer, one might expect dogs to lose their body fur. Snakes prehaps to develop a looser type of scales to help themselves stay cooler. Species that fitted well to the natural
Earth/climate/food pattern would stay the same or change little. Those that could not adapt quickly enough, would die out. ....As they are.
In a million years time assuming WE are still around....we would look at the *3000 total land species left (and I'm including insects*)...and we would wonder how on earth the line of living decendants could have evolved unbroken--- from the most primitive forms still alive a million years hence.
Archeologists of the day, would wonder just why they could'nt discover any bones of the fabled Elephant, reputed to have lived a million years ago. And other missing links.
In short they would be a wondering and scratching their heads, much as they do today, looking for various links, and decendant lines.
Made much harder for those in the future due to the far fewer species left alive in that time.
(thats assuming the vast CD records of ancient history were to become lost and unreadable.
In a similar manner that our ancient stone and book librarys were lost, burnt and destroyed.

* Just wild guesses, but its the thoughts that count. :)

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