Re: Good article on the hazards of DDT

Posted by Dogrock on Jun 21, 2002 at 20:10

Re: Good article on the hazards of DDT (bobba)

Great article. Especially since my mother used DDT extensively to kill fleas in our bedroom as children. It was very effective and all her children are still alive and well (nine). When we grew up and heard about the ban we all thought we would get some horrible side-affects in later years. We had litterally slept on it with open flea bites from previous nights and breathed it in from our pillows etc. We loved it because there were no more flea bites and we liked the smell. No side effects materialised, but we now still believe DDT is a real bad boy. Our own good experience played no part in what we thought of DDT, just the expert opinion. This is another reasion why I advise people to question the experts if they have never witnessed for themselves any of the effects predicted by them. Must tell my brothers and sisters about this because we have often talked about how amazing it was that we survived DDT. (Maybe it was a dilute brand but I'm not going to spoil a good story).

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