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mara on Jun 20, 2002 at 13:25

Re: Related Issue (Bobbapink)

i agree with you that it should be considered whether there is intentional malice or gross negligence.

in the cases of preventing water-borne diseases and in sending milk to certain populations, malice does not seem to be a factor.
as mentioned about the American Indians, malice does seem to be a factor.

negligence, however, is another matter.

the negligence may be unintended, but sometimes people do not consider that negligence may be possible, they do not seem to be able to consider past their own ideas and do not seem to be willing to consult others who may have a different point of view.

i realize that this is a widely encompassing bit of forethought to consider, but we are considering the lives of many, many people.

just considering that one does not know everything and that there may be somebody else to consult does not seem like a major concept to me.

( oh, my, on rereading this it seems kind of preachy, and i didn't mean it that way.
[ my negligence!? ])

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