more subjective "objective" scienctist stuff...the facts: misunderstood or mistaken or misrepresented

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anyman on Jun 20, 2002 at 06:53

classic :-)

this one has accusations flying, a surprise witness, waffle words, and more

"It was the academic equivalent of a heavyweight prize fight." says the opening line

But as Schopf licks his wounds, one of his former graduate students has come out of the woodwork to deliver what may prove to be a knockout blow. She argues that her supervisor was aware from the start of evidence that cast doubt on his conclusions a charge Schopf vigorously denies.

and it only gets better (worse? :-) after that

essential reading for those that claim scientists are objective...and affirming reading for those that know they are not :-)

"Microfossils: Squaring up over ancient life" Nature 417, 782 - 784 (2002)

ho ho ho say it ain't so :-)

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