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Posted by Donald D Duhworthy on Jun 19, 2002 at 18:44

I wish to know whether you bought the diploma at Staples and forged the signature of a Dean at some college, or if you even know that 1+1 does equal 2.

the tests scores were what was inportant so I wanted to make sure I did a perfect job.
because my future plans were to become a professor.
knowing full well that once I had achieved this title no one would question my ideas or theories due to the associated pier pressure that would be rendered to one that chose to bear the consenquences of such an undertaking.
so I purchased a volume of time honnored answers from a collegue who had taken the test in a previous year and used these answers to score wonderfully.
As for your implications conerning my knowledge of math. I dont have to be smart I have the papers
that prove that I am.
1+1 does equal 2.
that depends on how you look at it.
I was discussing energy.
if I use
1 unit of energy
to lift an object.
and then the
1 unit of energy
is used up as it falls then


1 up + 1 down = 0

energy is energy
and Im sure that my collegues will agree.

if an amount of energy is required to lift an object at a certain velocity.

that same amount of energy is required to make that object fall at that same velocity.

1 + 1 =0

cut and dried.

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