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Posted by Amaranth Rose on Jun 18, 2002 at 16:58

Re: pagan days (I. S.)

"Phony Philosphy" is very easy to understand once you get into the dichotomous mindset that labels things "either, or" and no in between. It helps if you understand that most people think, simplistically, that "different" is spelled "b-a-d"

Once you have a religious conversion, it is very easy to simplistically label every philosophy by how it squares with your own. If it is congruent or highly supportive of your belief system, it is "right" philosophy. All else is "phony", wrong. This enables you to quickly categorize other people as "fer us" or "agin us" and justifies all manner of intolerance and persecution. This is true whether your ideals are the purest, or whether you've joined the Ku Klux Klan or the local Communist Party.

The doctrine of phony philosophy justifies, in the believers' minds at least, all sorts of atrocities against people whose only difference from ourselves is the thoughts in their heads. It makes it really easy to commit atrocities and brutality against our neighbors. We can accuse them of "Phony Philosophy", get them killed or sent to labor camps, and seize their land and kine when they are gone. This is the force that drives things like the Krystallnacht, and the lynching of African Americans in the South (USA), and the murder of homosexuals in "Redneck Land", etc.

It's a real scam. See the Salem Witch Trials, Salem, Mass USA. It's a textbook in the technique.

Of course, it rapidly loses momentum when people begin to realize that two is a ridiculous number. But it's surprising how long it takes some people to get to that point.

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