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Posted by An Onney Mouse on Jun 17, 2002 at 20:10

Re: Jesus (CANS) (DA Morgan)

Hear, hear!

I'd bet that few people on this board would know what religion celebrates Holi. Or for that matter, which one observes Samhein and Beltane? They are considered important, day-long celebrations, yet no employer in this country to my knowledge will allow an employee to have them off.

Let's face it, in this country, if you aren't "mainstream" (i.e. White Anglo Saxon Protestant or Catholic) religionwise, your beliefs and holidays get run over with a steam roller. I'd like to see the same rigorous exclusionary rules applied to god, jesus, mary and all their permutations as is currently inflicted on the rest of the world's religions. The fact that so much mention of those is permitted, while the merest whiff of a presentation of Buddhism is sufficient to get a show threatened with censorship, suggests a very separate and extremely unequal "standard".

Every faith in this country plays nigger to Christianity. Perhaps it's time the playing field was leveled.

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