Re: Teleportation Takes Another Step

Posted by Mike Kremer on Jun 17, 2002 at 17:45

Re: Teleportation Takes Another Step (Andy™)

Well its unlikely to be true teleportation ....which to my mind means noting the position of individual atoms (in an inanimate object)breaking the object down to individual atoms. Electrically teleporting those same atoms
and re-assembling them to produce the object.
Impossible with our present knowledge.

I'm not wishing to decry the Australians achievement....but they did use a laser beam of coherent light. THe path of the photons are known with absolute certainty. Whether a similar path was recreated the other side of the laboratory, using this absolute certainty? Quantum entanglement? Or whether they converted the Original Laser beam to an electrical signal, then to be converted back to an exact similar Laser beam...(replication) I do not know.
But true teleportation using even just a few atoms
requires a holding area for the atoms until they are dissasociated. A suitable electrical transport method for them , plus another holding area, until they are re-assembled
Prehaps we will do it in a thousand years but not
in our time.

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