Re: You're right - I don't think much of the study

Posted by bobbapink on Jun 14, 2002 at 14:42

Re: You're right - I don't think much of the study (DA Morgan)

Your attempts at evasion are impressive.

If by evasion you mean clarification, i'd agree.

I didn't ask for anyone else sliding scale of "sufficient" ... I asked for yours.

And i gave it to you -

Can YOU point to one that satisfies your definition?

I am assuming by the fact that you have now bobbed, weaved, hidden, and evaded that the answer is no.

That you have taken it upon yourself to criticize every single study pointed to by anyone and can't find a single study whose result warrant or merit a change in policy. That is impressive. And not in the way I would expect you would wish.

I was at least expecting you to take the easy out and point to the unambiguous studies that clearly demonstrate the harm caused by asbestos mining in Montana and you couldn't even come up with that one.

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