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DA Morgan on Jun 14, 2002 at 01:59

Re: Jesus (CANS) (I. S.)

Actually I think your posting the latest atrocity but then who's counting.

Last time I looked this wasn't

But as long as you breached/broached the topic ... who the heck cares. If you are a Christian who truly believes in your faith such a matter should be not more than a pettyness unworthy of mention.

I think the only Christians that get their bloomers in an uproar, the only Moslems that become holy warriors, the only Jews that become fanatical about the Sabbath, etc. are those who don't have sufficient faith to believe that the diety that created the entire universe can take care of itself.

And viewed in light of Boolean logic ... that is as funny, or as tragic, as it can get.

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