Re: The Universe 7 Days Old? (from below)

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DA Morgan on Jun 13, 2002 at 22:24

Re: The Universe 7 Days Old? (from below) (Mike Kremer)

Actually current theory posits that protons do decay. But it also posits that the half-life of a proton is greater than the age of the universe.

I think it interesting but, so far, of no practical relevance.

Time is not something perceived any more than length exists because you can perceive it. It is just another dimension. Which means it is a basic counting system. Length tells you how far A is from B. Time tells you how long A happened before B. Under Relativity the two measurements are really just variations on the same measurement.

So if a proton can move from A to B it can do other things between time A and B. One of which is collide with virtual particles, interact, and self-destruct with each of its three constituent quarks merging with the virtual particles to become something else ... perhaps some for of meson.

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