Re: You're right - I don't think much of the study

Posted by Bobba on Jun 13, 2002 at 19:17

Re: You're right - I don't think much of the study (DA Morgan)

Lets dispense with punitive damages and concens about things that happened in the past?

I'll assume the question mark was a typo and that wasn't meant as a question.

Has there ever been a good study done by any responsible parties supporting the fact that industry is responsible for environmental damage or do you just blanket reject them all out of hand?




Don't you just hate it when someone answers yes to a question with an "or" clause?

But, seriously, before I can answer you have to define your terms. Fact is, everything industry (or anyone else for that matter) does could be construed by some or many as “environmental damage” so really, no study is necessary. So maybe your question needs rephrasing. I’d attempt to do so for you but the possibilities are endless. Besides, no matter how you define it, you’d still have to address what rights “The Environment™” has in the redress of grievances.

Perhaps you should rephrase as to target individuals or collectives. Something a bit more concrete? <-- question mark intended.

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